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Senior Software Developer

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•    Senior Software Developer with Bachelors Degree and 27 years of experience.
Technical Skills
•     Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Elasticsearch, MongodB, Microsoft Access
•     Markup: HTML, XML, CSS, Razor, Bootstrap
•     Scripting: JSON, AngularJS, JQuery, JavaScript, NodeJS, TypeScript, VBScript
•     Languages: C#, Python, LINQ, Visual Basic (VB), C++, SQL, PL/SQL, MS-DOS
•     Frameworks and SDK: Angular12, Microsoft .NET Framework, J2EE, Android SDK
•     Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, SQL Management Studio, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Git, SoapUI, Eclipse, Subversion (SVN), Visual Basic (VB), Visual Source Safe, Visual InterDev, Transaction Server (MTS), Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Procedure Builder, Oracle SQL Plus, MongoDB Compass
•    1990-1994: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from University of New Brunswick (UNB)
•     1996:Certificate of Achievement: Mercury Interactive - Test Suite 4.0 Training Course
•     1999: Certificate of Excellence: Microsoft Certified Provider (MCP)
•    70-160: Microsoft Windows Architecture I
•    70-161: Microsoft Windows Architecture II
•    70-176: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop
•    70-175: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Distributed
•     2010: Certificate of Achievement: Microsoft - Visual Studio Hands On Seminar
•     2014: Statement of Accomplishment: Coursera / University Of Maryland - Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems
•     2017: Certificate of Completion: Udemy - AngularJS For Beginners
•     2017: Certificate of Completion: Udemy - Getting Started with Angular2+
Work History
Tech Mahindra, Toronto, ON July 2023 – June 2024 (11 months)
Tech Lead
Project: UPS Canada BARS/HARTS July 2023 - March 2024
•    Actively participated in Daily Stand-Up, and Weekly Release, Sprint, Review Estimation and Planning Meetings.
•    Completed various development tasks for Phase I, II and III of the Harmonized AI Respondent Tarif System (HARTS) project for the BARS Brokerage system.
•    Phase I included providing a frontend user view for rating staff to enter shipment information and receive validated CA tariff codes through a web API endpoint during a manual assessment process.
•    Phase II included automated calls during line litem shipment assessments to receive validated CA tariff codes through a web API endpoint and create new commodities for rating staff.
•    Backend implementation included creating a BARS API endpoint comprising of C# controller, model, interface, repository, service, mapper, DTO and unit test classes to validate requests and return HARTS HS code prediction data to the BARS frontend Angular web application.
•    Frontend implementation included created interface models, modules, service providers, components, and html templates for the BARS Angular web application.
•    Created Pull Request code reviews for completed work, resolved peer comments, and participated in reviews for peer developers.
•    Created detailed testing documents for completed work assigned to the QA test team.
CGI Group Inc, Halifax, NS July 2022 • March 2023 (9 months)
Senior Consultant
Project: Pace Cloud Migration Readiness Web Application Sept 2022 - Dec 2022
•    Actively participated in Daily Stand-Up Meetings.
•    Completed various development tasks for the Pace Cloud Migration Readiness Web Application, utilizing MongoDB, Python, Angular, and Git.
•    Initiated and facilitated a workflow improvement initiative to streamline the code review process, reducing review time from 5 days to 24 hours. Documented the workflow in Confluence.
•    Led the development of a new code review checklist for Python, HTML, CSS, and TypeScript, collaborating with the team and documenting the guidelines in Confluence.
Project: Vendor Software Inventory (VSI) Web Application July 2022 - Sept 2022
•    Designed and developed a prototype Vendor Software Inventory (VSI) Web Application using SQL Server, .Net Core 6.0, .Net Entity Framework Core, Angular, Typescript for the Province of NS to assist in managing renewal of third-party software licenses.
Ability Commerce, Delray Beach, FL Oct 2018 • May 2022 (3 years 8 months)
Senior Agile C# Software Engineer
•    Actively participated in daily SCRUM, weekly architecture, and semi-monthly sprint review meetings to plan and execute the extension of internal Content Management and Smart Site E-Commerce solutions for a large musical instrument retail website. Utilized C#, .NET, Web Forms, MVC, Windows Services, Razor, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular12, JSON, Entity Framework (EF), SQL Server, and Elasticsearch.
•    Developed an internal Log Viewer website to provide dashboard, master, and detailed views of all logged application errors, aiding the team in issue triaging. Completed various bug fixes and new feature requests.
•    Refactored multiple .Net web page User Controls (rotating banner, purchase, gallery, swatch, hamburger menu) from server side object binding to client side JSON AngularJS binding to enhance ecommerce site workflow, site performance and user experience.
•    Enhanced the performance of the backend Windows service zip code job manager component, implementing multithreading and batch processing for the biweekly SQL to Elasticsearch database creation process.
•    Created a calendar view screen with drag and drop functionality in the Admin Content site, simplifying the scheduling and maintenance of various promotional banners on the public website.
•    Extended the Gulp bundling script to inspect and report obsolete jQuery event handler methods during the solution build.
•    Improved search and navigation elastic query results to include only in-stock products.
•    Upgraded multiple .NET web page User Controls from end-of-life AngularJS to Angular12.
1st Global Capital, Hallandale Beach, FL Aug 2017 • Sept 2018 (1 year)
.Net Developer
•    Actively participated in design meetings with internal staff to gather business requirements. Wrote requirements documents for custom financial services solutions for various internal departments.
•    Developed a Lender Portal website for external lenders, agents, and internal Lender Relations Administrators. The website allowed users to view, print, and export loan portfolio data, including account details, activity, and monthly statements. Utilized .Net MVC, Razor, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, JSON, C#, Entity Framework (EF), and SQL Server.
•    Extended the Lender Portal website model to provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality for internal Lender Relations Administrators to manage prospects, lenders, and agents.
•    Developed a Single Page Application (SPA) to allow internal staff to test the ISO Partner Portal API for submitting merchant loan applications. Utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.
•    Reviewed, analyzed, and unit tested various third-party API programming guides, including UCC Search and Filing, DocuSign, and OCR bank statement providers, to determine integration feasibility.
•    Developed a consolidated API Integration Solution for internal Underwriting Administrators, comprising a .Net MVC website, a middle-tier C# DLL library, and a C# Windows service. This API engine collected, validated, and serialized SOAP XML or REST API JSON requests, submitted them to the Windows service queue, and stored responses in a SQL database history table for review, using custom text, XML, and JSON to HTML conversion popup viewers.
•    Developed a .Net C# Desktop Cash Receipts Reconciliation application for the Internal Accounting team. The application selected and exported General Ledger data from a SQL Server database and exported it to Excel.
•    Converted a .Net VB Web Forms SSRS Report Viewer website from VB.Net to C#.
•    Created C# unit test classes for all public methods for prototyping, regression testing, and performance tuning.
•    Created detailed technical overview documentation for all developed systems.
JPay, Miramar, FL Nov 2012 • Apr 2017 (4 years 5 months)
Senior .Net Developer for Web Services, Core Money, Commissary, Education, Music Teams
•    Actively participated in technical design meetings to gather requirements and extend the functionality of existing business application software for various company Inmate service products. Translated business requirements into custom solutions to complete assigned tasks.
•    Extended the functionality of front-end external and internal ASP.Net websites by modifying web forms, user controls, and JavaScript include files using Visual Studio.
•    Developed and modified methods in ASP.Net WCF web services, Windows services, WinForms applications, C# middle-tier, base, manager, and LINQ query Data Access Layer (DAL) classes using Visual Studio.
•    Created and modified back-end SQL Server database tables (DDL), stored procedures, views, and functions (DML) within the existing company database schema using T-SQL in SQL Management Studio.
•    Investigated and documented the process of importing the company's SQL Server database schema to create and modify the Entity Framework Model (EF). Uploaded a training document to the team SharePoint for other developers.
Ultimate Software, Weston, FL Jan 2011 • Oct 2012 (1 year 9 months)
Web Developer for SAAS Customs Team
•    Assisted the Business Analyst in analyzing client requirements and participated in the design of custom solutions for clients using the ASP.Net Ultipro HRMS/Payroll web portal.
•    Participated in meetings with team members and clients to discuss application development projects.
•    Designed, coded, tested, and delivered applications according to specification documents, ensuring proper client acceptance.
•    Created and modified front-end ASP.Net website components such as web forms, user controls, user control extensions, JavaScript include files, and JavaScript extension files using Visual Studio, JavaScript, AJAX, and jQuery.
•    Developed XML ORM data mapping files, workflow processing files, ASP.Net web services, and middle-tier C# data access, facade, and business classes using Visual Studio.
•    Created and modified SQL Server database objects, including tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, scalar functions, table functions, and SQL Agent jobs using T-SQL in SQL Management Studio.
•    Prepared installation documentation for the delivered applications.
•    Provided accurate and timely project status information and reported project hours to the Work Report System.
•    Troubleshot client issues with custom applications and resolved them in a timely manner.
•    Implemented change control processes and escalated significant scope changes to team members and clients as needed for all application development projects.
•    Provided input on methodology, process improvements, and regular project status through scheduled updates to the Application Services Manager.
MediaWhiz (Acquired by Matomy Media Group), Plantation, FL 2008 • Dec 2010 (2 years 11 months)
Lead Developer for Coregistrations Team
•    Managed a team of developers while actively participating in the analysis, design, and development of internet marketing affiliate and lead generation websites, services, and back-end processes.
•    Consolidated multiple systems into a unified solution, leveraging a common n-tier .Net framework.
•    Developed various ASP.Net web forms, user controls, C# middle-tier entities, business logic, and data objects, as well as ASP.Net web services using Visual Studio.
•    Conducted analysis and development of SQL Server databases, including creating and modifying tables, stored procedures, SQL Agent jobs, and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages using T-SQL in SQL Management Studio.
•    Managed builds and deployments of websites and services across development, staging, and production environments.
•    Conducted code reviews and provided mentorship to developers, ensuring adherence to coding standards and promoting sound analysis, design, and development practices within the project framework.
•    Configured, set up, and troubleshooted websites and services on web servers, while also generating internal requirements, technical documentation, testing plans, and training materials.
Learn.com (Acquired by Oracle Corporation), Sunrise, FL Jun 2006 • Nov 2007 (1 year 5 months)
Senior Software Developer for Learn Center Team
•    Conducted analysis, design, and development of the ASP.Net corporate training website product. Developed web forms, user controls, C# middle-tier data, and business classes in Visual Studio. Utilized T-SQL and SQL Management Studio to interact with various SQL stored procedures.
•    Designed and implemented an internal DevOps ASP.Net C# WinForms application that generated C# middle-tier business entities, business logic, and data access classes based on SQL Server stored procedure metadata using templates.
•    Developed an internal DevOps ASP.Net C# WinForms desktop build tool application to automate Source Safe retrieval, MS Build compilation, and network deployment of the entire website solution to development and quality assurance servers during software release cycles.
•    Created comprehensive technical documentation, including software design specifications and configuration guides for the development environment and production deployment processes.
•    Mentored new, peer, and remote developers on a daily basis.
Transeastern Homes (Acquired by Engle Homes), Coral Springs, FL Sept 2005 • June 2006 (9 months)
Application Developer for the Application Systems Team
•    Conducted analysis, design, and development of various internal ASP.Net C# web intranet applications for a large statewide home builder.
•    Developed ASP.Net web forms, user controls, reports, C# middle-tier data, and business classes in Visual Studio. Interacted with SQL Server tables, views, stored procedures, and functions using T-SQL and SQL Management Studio.
•    Performed manual and scripted SQL Server database maintenance tasks and database migrations as part of weekly software release cycles.
•    Created comprehensive internal technical and user documentation.
Indotronix International Corporation, Poughkeepsie, NY Date: April 2005 • Sept 2005 (5 months)
IT Consultant (Developer)
Project: Wildcard Systems Inc, Sunrise, FL, Fees Team
•    Conducted analysis, design, and development of an ASP.Net C# web application using ASP.Net web forms and user controls. This application allowed internal staff to view existing fees configured for various prepaid gift card programs.
•    Expanded the existing fee processing system to handle hybrid fee processing.
•    Investigated and performed system maintenance to address reported issues through trouble tickets. Monitored and ensured the smooth operation of daily, weekly, and monthly batch processes.
•    Completed production Management Forms (PMF), bill of materials, test plan, unit testing, quality assurance testing, and system documentation.
Xwave (Acquired by Bell Canada), Fredericton, NB Feb 2002 • Mar 2005 (3 years 1 months)
IT Consultant (Developer) for the Corrections Information System (CORIS) Team for State of Maine
•    Investigated and documented the process of exporting the database schema from Oracle CASE Designer into the team's SQL Server database.
•    Assisted the team in manually converting Oracle PL/SQL database objects (tables, views, packages, stored procedures, and functions) into Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL (T-SQL) using SQL Management Studio.
•    Developed various ASP.Net web forms, user controls, custom controls, and VB.net business object classes for the ASP.Net Offender Management and Inmate Accounting websites using Visual Studio.
•    Created extended SQL Server stored procedures using Visual C++ in Visual Studio.
•    Implemented various SQL Server views, stored procedures, and functions using T-SQL in SQL Management Studio.
•    Conducted unit testing, bug fixes, and enhancements on various system components.
•    Mentored coworkers on various technologies, tools, and processes.
SEI Information Technology, Los Angeles, CA Jan 2000 • Jun 2001 (1 year 6 months)
IT Consultant (Developer)
Project: Toyota, Dealer Daily System with Microsoft Consulting Services Team, May 2000 • June 2001
•    Assisted in designing and enhancing system components for the Toyota Vehicles and Lexus teams.
•    Participated in all phases of the development cycle, including creating and maintaining ASP web pages, VB DLL middle-tier business objects in Visual Studio, and SQL Server T-SQL stored procedures in SQL Management Studio based on written requirements.
•    Resolved various bugs identified by the QA team and implemented software enhancements as defined by the Product team.
•    Contributed to stress testing labs and provided on-call support and troubleshooting for new dealers using the system.
•    Prepared a comprehensive technical document outlining the implementation details of the custom components.
•    Mentored new developers joining the project.
Project: Financial Investors Investment Corporation (FNIC), Weblink System Team, January 2000 • May 2000
•    Assisted the web team in completing the development cycle of the system and implementing enhancements.
•    Developed various ASP web pages and VB DLL COM business components using Visual Studio.
•    Created a detailed technical document with hyperlinked information to document the implementation of the custom components.
CGI Group Inc, Fredericton, NB Jan 1996 • Aug 1998 (2 years 7 months)
IT Consultant (Developer)
Project: Department of Transportation (DOT) Prov of NB, Federal Claims System (XFED), June 1998 - August 1998
•    Participated in design meetings with the project staff.
•    Developed a prototype of MS-Access 97 VBA forms as a front-end for the legacy Clipper database.
Project: New North Media/ Bayer / University of Western Ontario, HEALNet III System Team April 1998 - May 1998
•    Participated in the design meetings with projects staff.
•    Developed ASP web data entry forms for patient profiles and ASP web modules to facilitate processing from the Vista 350 telephone interface based on written functional specifications.
Project: Dept of Education (DOE) Prov of NB, Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP) February 1998 - March 1998
•    Created database tables, SQL queries and ASP web pages as prototypes for the client as per written functional specifications.
•    Demonstrated the prototype of the system on a weekly basis to the client then performed enhancements as required.
•    Created technical documentation detailing the implementation.
•    Provided support for the system on the client site as required.
Project: Dept of Education (DOE) Prov of NB, PC Inventory System Team December 1997 - February 1998
•    Gathered requirements from the client for adding reporting functionality to the existing system.
•    Developed a prototype of the system by adding tables, SQL queries to the database, and IDC/HTX web pages.
•    Demonstrated the prototype to the client and performed final enhancements to the system.
•    Created a technical document detailing the implementation of the enhanced system.
Project: Dept of Advanced Education and Labor (AEL) Prov of NB, Computerized Examination Management System (CEMS) Team April 1996 - July 1997
•    Enhanced the existing system by upgrading the online exam item editor client process from 16-bit MS-DOS batch programs and WordPerfect 5.1 macros to 32-bit Wilson WindowWare Winbatch scripts and WordPerfect 6.1 / Corel WordPerfect 7 macros.
•    Created an installation program to facilitate distribution of the enhanced system for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
Project: Dept of Health Prov of NB / Blue Cross of Atlantic Canada, Medicare Administration and Technical Services (MATS) System Team January 1996 - September 1997
•    Collaborated with the Systems Architect to design, prototype, and develop the Letters engine, which dynamically generated 250 template WordPerfect letters on demand merged with data from the Oracle database server from an Oracle Form running on the client.
•    Created Oracle stored procedures, WordPerfect macros, and modified Oracle Forms and Oracle Report triggers to call WordPerfect macros.
•    Wrote technical documentation detailing the implementation of the Letter engine.
•    Performed post-CASE development and bug fixes on various Oracle stored procedures, Oracle forms, and reports throughout the system.
•    Assisted the DBA team by creating PL/SQL load scripts for the French language database code tables.
•    Assisted the QA team with testing and verification.
•    Added PCL5 escape sequences for signature cartridge functionality to facilitate batch processing for claim checks.
•    Created a curriculum, instructed, and supported the Documentation team in creating online Help.